Thursday, April 26, 2012

Music festivals season

Two weeks after I arrived to Cracow I went with Irene to see In flames, a great metal band, at Klub Studio, a concert Hall within the AGH Campus, I wanted to see that band since years ago, I liked them so much before the concert and after even more, very hard live, since when I realized Polish people love metal.
Well, it was the only concert until february, I love the music, and in Cracow for me is difficult cos most of the clubs suck, only commercial music, reggaeton, I can´t enjoy the music properly, there were two very cool clubs but they closed, at least in February and March I went to London to see Justice and to Edinburgh to see The Maccabees, I nedeed it, then i came to Cracow, we went to see "Gooral", a cool Polish band, they play a mixture between electro and polish ethnic music, the concert was great, it was at Pauza club, one of the two nice clubs left in Cracow.
Thank God the festival season is comming, on 10Th May I am going to Warsaw to see Metallica at "Sonisphere festival",  are playing more metal bands such as Machine head, Acid drinkers, Huner (Polish band).
During the first and second of Juny will take part "Selector festival" in Cracow, at Blonia park, the line-up is as follows: Chase and Status, Magnetic Man, Hadouken, Miike Snow, Totally enormous extinct dinosaurs... as you can see is not the typical indie festival, more electro and dubstep, i like it.
The weekend after the music in Warsaw, "Orange festival", and until now the bands are playing are: The prodigy, Garbage and Linkin park, very good bands as well, this festival used to be compund of around 10 bands.
And the big festival, very well-known in Poland is "Opene'r festival", from 4 to 7 July, in Gdynia, four days of festival with camping, i think is very similar to FIB, the line-up is pretty cool: Franz Ferdinand, Justice, Bon Iver, M83, New Order, Bloc party, Björk, the maccabees, Orbital, SBTKRT Live, the XX,...
In September i thought this year was to be light, talking about music, but theses months will be so interesting with such kind of festivals.

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