Friday, September 14, 2012

Silesia's half marathon report

Well, after four months without any post, I'm gonna try to start to write again, maybe I stopped wiriting cos my project, parties, trips, my knee injury, whatever, the important thing is that now I am motivated again.
I´m gonna copy a report that I wrote in my notebook on my way to Crakcow from a festival in Gydina (Poland) on the 8th of July.
"I am on my way to cracow after Opene'r festival in Gdynia, I'm going by train, so this journey will take to me around thirteen hours, I'm so bored so maybe its good idea writing some stuff on my notebook, when I arrive to the civilization I will upload this report to my blog.
Since I finished the half marathon of Silesia I always wanted to write about it, but sometimes I was busy and when I was free I was too lazy, but I told Martin I was gonna write it so now is the time.
I dont know If I will remember all the stuff but I will try to tell as many interesting and funny things as I can.
It was ten days after I ran the Cracow's Marathon, I remember that the day after the marathon Martin and I went to a tandem and we met a guy who had run the same marathon as me, he told us about the half marathon os Silesia, my legs still hurted but for me it was a nice idea, although ten days after running a marathon it was a bit risky. We were talking about that and Martin told me, "ok, tomorrow I will try to run one hour and fourty minutes, and if I achieve it without problems we will run the race", the day after that he told me that the trainning was succesfully so we decided togo to Silesia, he checked the price, and due it was so close to the date the price was too hight, but we wanted to run it so it wasn't an impediment for us.
The race was going to take part in Katovice, city close to Cracow where the gradnma of Martin is living. This kind of race was new for me because it was a marathon, but we had the chance ot start the race from the kilometer 21, therefore we'd join the rest of the runners. The marathon would start at 9am, and the half at around 11am.
We went to Katovice by Martin's car the day before just after the lunch, we left out stuff at the house of his grandma and we went for a walk to sighseen a bit, I had already been in Katovice but only for few hours taking a connecting bus, it has no many interesting things but we walked through  a nice park with a church and religious stuff, after that we went to the house again to take out running clothes on to ffor a soft run. We were running for 45 minutes, the aim of that was to warm ourselves for the day after, when we came back his grandma had preparated some dinner for us, bread with meat and some polish stuff, by the way, very nice grandma.
The day had arrived, Martin and I got up at around 8am and we had breakfast, afterwards we went to the finish line of the race, from there we went by a free bus  to the start line, as I said before we'd start from the km 21, for me was kinda weird cos we were just 200 runners starting from that kilometer, and maybe the whole race was composed of 600 people. We were watching the first runners of the race, after that we made a warming up all together with an instructor, I had never seen that before, it was nice. When all of the marathon runners had crossed the half marathon line we started our race, the "deal" between Martin and I was as follows, we'd run the nine first kilometers together and afther that, each of us would run with our own pace, this reason was the last to convice Martin to take part in this adventure, I say adventure because for being an erasmus, I mean, going out and eat a lot of fatty foot every single day it aint so easy to run this kind of race, and besides, whitout a proper trainning, even more difficult.
Well , we started to run, everybody started too fast, including me, but Martin was smart and he suggested me to decrease our pace, good idea because we had many kilometers left yet. After the ninth km we split up, I started to run faster , up that moment, we had run 9km in 50 minutes, in other words, 5:55 minutes per kilometer, I was overtaking a lot of runners, I thought I was running too fast but i felt comfortable, the bad thing was I did not know the track and sometimes I didnt know exactly how many kilometeres I had left, finally I went into the park where the finish line was, I was already so tired, my pace wasn't the same as after the kilometer 9 but my mind was strong enough, therefore I could finish the race in a proper pace, I crossed the finish line after 1h and 45 minutes, I ran 12km in 55 minutes, so I was proud of myself. I got from the organization water and more stuff to recover myself as energetic bars, I lied on the grass exhausted, meanwhile I waited for Martin, I expected he as gonna cross the line much later, but just nine minutes later he crossed it, definitely he had impressed me, I was so proud of him.
Then we had pasta and wigos to eat, we rested during a while and we drove back to Cracow. The goal of running a race together, as we had been talking about that so many times came true.
Right now he is already in Germany and my days in Poland are expiring, but I am pretty sure that we will run another race together, maybe a Marathon, maybe a one knows."

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